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  • Understand Your 401(k) Fees

    by Doug Carey | Apr 27, 2018
    Fees can be a killer to a retirement portfolio, and the problems compound over time. Many people investing in the company’s 401(k) plan have no idea what the fees are on the funds they invest in. They also have no idea if they are paying a 401(k) administrative fee.
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  • Dividend Payouts Are Breaking Records

    by Doug Carey | Apr 10, 2018
    In the first quarter of 2018 not one single company in the S&P 500 cut its dividend. This is the first time this has ever happened. At this rate, 2018 will post its seventh straight record in terms of dividend payouts for companies.
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  • How Long Will Your 401(k) Last?

    by Doug Carey | Apr 06, 2018
    Be sure to get the free money at least--which is to say, what your employer matches. It might be a dollar-for-dollar match up to a certain amount, or something that vests over time.
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  • Social Security Has Many People Concerned

    by Doug Carey | Mar 13, 2018
    We’re getting closer and closer to D-day for social security. In 2014 the Social Security Administration (SSA) reported that the reserves from the Social Security trust fund will run out in the year 2034.
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  • An Easy Way To Compare Mutual Fund and ETF Fees

    by Doug Carey | Mar 05, 2018
    Know what your fees are, and figure out what they cost you. A high expense ratio on a fund with a relatively low balance, while not great, may not affect your overall total returns all that much. That high expense ratio on investments with larger balances, though, will be problematic.
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