Dwight Fowler

Individual user, Hartford, Connecticut

I reviewed many financial management packages and chose WealthTrace many years ago. While it is powerful enough to be used by CFP's, I have been using it as my go-to software for managing personal pre-retirement and retirement financial plans. I am more hands-on than some, and prefer to manage my own portfolio.

It's very clear, the controls for building and testing scenarios are excellent. I am able to easily bring together all accounts of my portfolios with minimal effort from 401K's, IRA's, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bank Accounts and more. I like the analytics. Importantly, I trust it. The company is small enough to listen to feedback and I have seen some of my suggestions implemented over the years.

Adam Santelli

Individual user, Los Angeles, California

I have been working with WealthTrace’s retirement planning software for several years and it has become the most valuable tool in my financial planning arsenal. Simple to use but extremely powerful and the Monte Carlo calculator is fantastic!

Dion Collins

Advisor user, CFP, Costa Mesa, California

WealthTrace is the best we've seen. We have spent years trying different planning software packages. We have just begun using the WealthTrace system and believe we have finally found what we have been looking for. We are able to apply our methodology and produce the results we need to be consistent with what we are communicating to our clients.

The ability to change inputs and get immediate results is a huge time-saver. Between the low price for the system and the speed with which we can get results, we believe this may be the best thing that has happened to our practice in years.

Jason Gibbons

Individual user, Atlanta, Georgia

WeathTrace is an amazing tool. It has given me peace of mind that we are in good shape for retirement and we can make changes as needed and see the impact. The team takes feedback and they make regular updates to the program, which continues to support changing financial needs.

Ralph Eberts

Individual user, San Francisco, California

Great planning tool! Prepared me for financial independence.

David Johnson

Individual user, Boise, Idaho

Professional-level tools, but easy to use for personal use. Enough detail and "what if" tools to build, optimize, stress test and track your financial plan, all the way through retirement.

Emily Cohen

Individual user, Oakland, California

The most comprehensive and useful wealth planning tool I could find. I have 100% confidence in how the program works and the results it delivers. I must also add praise for the team's responsiveness to questions.

Mike Wilsner

Individual user, Miami, Florida

I've been very impressed with the flexibility of WealthTrace in being able to handle numerous complexities in financial planning - and yet being easy to use. Excellent user manual, solid and prompt technical support, and fair pricing. Bonus: It helped me (belatedly) see that a Roth conversion of my traditional IRA would be very advantageous - it's more than paid for a lifetime of subscriptions.

Gwenith Whitney

Individual user, Seattle, Washington

The software is great. The company is always making improvements. You actually get to speak with a knowledgeable human if you have issues. I really love this software.

Jack Mendenhall

Individual user, Dallas, Texas

The WealthTrace retirement planning software is very intuitive and has incredible flexibility with setting up the specifics of my plan. I use it rountinely to monitor my plan and do "what-ifs" to ensure I make good decisions. I've looked at several other options, WealthTrace is the most powerful and easy to use system. The team is also very responsive to questions. Highly recommended.