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  • How The Tax Code Impacts Your Retirement

    by Doug Carey | Oct 02, 2018
    The recent tax law and changes to the tax code was pretty dramatic in terms of how it impacts most taxpayers. Not only did federal tax rates go down across the board, but the law regarding tax deductions changed a lot as well. Many people who used to itemize the taxes now will simply use the standard deduction of $12,000 per person, which is double what it used to be.
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  • Don't Assume Rosy Returns Forever In Your Retirement Plan

    by Doug Carey | Sep 13, 2018
    This example shows just how important stock returns are to a retirement plan. The power of compounding cannot be underestimated when we are talking about long periods of time. On the flip side, one should not underestimate what a long period of stock market stagnation can do to a portfolio either.
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  • Where You Live In Retirement Matters

    by Doug Carey | Sep 06, 2018
    Because the cost of living varies so much across the country, retirement savings will go a lot farther in some places than in others.
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  • Americans Are Not Saving Enough For Retirement

    by Doug Carey | Aug 28, 2018
    The savings picture for Americans continues to look grim. Although the average American household has over $175,000 saved, this figure is skewed by the very wealthy in this country. The median savings number is much important and it tells a different story.
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  • The Looming Pension Crisis And Your Retirement Plan

    by Doug Carey | Aug 01, 2018
    Many who worked for the local or state government over the past few decades were certain they could retire in their 50s with a large pension and gold-plated health benefits. This is what they were promised. But it turns out, most of these promises were nothing but Ponzi schemes where the payments coming in would eventually not be enough to cover the payments going out.
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