Features For Each Version


Feature Standard
Annual Cost



Import and Link Investment and Bank Accounts*

Manually add Investments and Underlying Holdings

Updated Tax Laws Annually

Updated Social Security Rules Annually

Takes Into Account Your Tax Bracket

Vary Projected Inflation Rates Over Time

Differentiates Among Capital Gains, Dividends, and Interest Income

Takes Into Account Taxable, Tax-Deferred, and Tax-Free Accounts

Calculates Medicare Premiums Based on Income and IRMAA Rules

Program can Estimate Social Security Payments

Input any Cashflows, Such as Home Sale, Rental Income, Insurance Proceeds, etc.

Allows any Tax Rate and Inflation Rate for Cashflow Inputs

Allows any Non-Recurring Expenses, Such as College for Children, Vacation Home, etc.

Allows any Inflation Rate for Goals and Non-Recurring Expenses

Track all Investment Gains, Investment Values, Expenses, and Shortfalls Through Time

Deferred Compensation: Accurately Model Contributions, Payouts, and Taxes for Deferred Compensation

Income Planning Analysis

Monte Carlo Analysis

Net Worth Statement

Allows Modification of Multiple Variables Simultaneously

Withdraw Funds out of Accounts in any Order to Minimize Taxes

Bear Market Scenarios: See How Your Portfolio and Plan Hold up Under Various Historical Recessions

Federal Income Tax Scenarios

Roth Conversion Scenarios With Option to Stay Under a Specific Tax Bracket

Asset Allocation Scenarios

Historical Data & Performance for Your Investments

Solving Tool That Quickly Finds the Exact Changes Needed to Attain a Goal

Life Insurance Planning and Analysis

Long-Term Care Insurance Planning and Analysis

Scenarios and Ideas to Help you Home in on Solutions to Retirement Hurdles

Professional Report That can be Exported

Scenario Capabilities That Show What Happens When Multiple Assumptions Change

Customize Reports and Create Report Templates


Individual Version Option for Creating and Saving Multiple Plans (Add-On Charge Applies)

Option for One-On-One Customized, Expert Software Help

Email and Live Chat Support

Phone Support


Custom Logo


Online Fact Finder/ Questionnaire for Prospects and Clients (Directly Emailed To Advisor)


Allow Information From Online Fact Finder to Auto-Populate a Financial Plan*

* Add on charge for Advisor version.