Financial planning and retirement planning software for individuals


financial planning software for individuals

Comprehensive Financial Planning Software

WealthTrace has the accuracy of financial advisor planning software and the ease of use made for the consumer. It gives you the most accurate financial and retirement projections while allowing you to track your investment holdings, performance, transactions, and fees. 

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No More Financial Anxiety

Using WealthTrace's financial planning software for individuals you can take control of your retirement and find out how likely you are to have enough money--and what you can do to change your financial situation if necessary. The power of financial advisor planning software is now available to you, the consumer for personal use.

WealthTrace is DIY financial planning software, retirement planning software, and wealth management software for individuals all in one. 

Link Investment Accounts

Import & Link Your Accounts

WealthTrace allows you to aggregate all of your investment accounts. If you import your accounts the holdings and balances will update each day, ensuring that your financial plan is always up to date. If you don't want to link accounts you can manually input investments and holdings.

WealthTrace is the only planning software that imports each individual holding in investment accounts and uses that information for the most accurate projections.

WealthTrace Support

Industry-Best Support

We have financial planning experts on hand, including a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®), that can help you with your financial plan. Contact us by email or live chat. Need help building your plan or with complex modeling? You can sign up for an expert one-on-one review of your plan.

Investment Account Performance

History & Performance Data

Track and monitor your investments and their holdings. View transactions, balances over time, historical performance for accounts and their holdings, fees paid on funds, and account turnover all in one location.

Using historical data allows WealthTrace to be the most accurate financial planning software on the market. Compare WealthTrace vs. free calculators.

Financial Planning Scenarios

What-If Scenarios

View the probability of running out of money in retirement by running Monte Carlo simulations on your financial plan. Run what-if scenarios on Roth conversions, higher inflation, changing tax rates, changed asset allocation, and Social Security. Find out how your portfolio and financial plan hold up under various historical recessions.

Main Features

  • Get a comprehensive, accurate view of your financial and retirement situation.
  • Import and link your accounts. Holdings and balances automatically update every day.
  • Option to manually enter investments and holdings. Balances automatically update every day.
  • The best support in the industry with over 40 years of experience.
  • Expert support with live chat and email support from qualified financial experts.
  • Quickly figure out if and when funds will run out in retirement.
  • View historical data, performance, and fee information for your accounts and holdings.
  • Run what-if scenarios to see how to overcome retirement road blocks and income shortfalls.
  • Vary projected inflation rates over time for a more accurate and realistic plan.
  • See how your plan holds up under historical recessions using bear market scenarios.
  • Calculate the probability of never running out of money with Monte Carlo Simulations.
  • Figure out the best time to make a Roth IRA transfer.
  • Model rental income and the sale of real estate.
  • Use the solving tool to figure out how to achieve multiple goals.
  • Create and save multiple plans, allowing you to run through a variety of scenarios.
  • Have a WealthTrace expert guide you through your plan online.
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An average financial plan costs $2,400


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