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financial planning software for advisors
retirement planning software for advisors

Award Winning Modern Financial Planning Software

Discover why WealthTrace is ranked #2 in the 2023 T3 Financial Planning Software Survey. With our intuitive interface you can get started on financial and retirement plans right away.

Cut the time you spend building plans by more than half. Client accounts update each night with the latest balances and holdings using our account linking service through Yodlee. Instead of spending countless hours thumbing through user guides, you can jump right in and get started. 


financial cash flow projections


WealthTrace takes into account the federal tax code, state taxes, different account types, required minimum distributions, Social Security rules, Roth IRA transfers, and reallocating assets at a future date. Change inflation rates over time, assign model portfolios to assets, and create your own asset classes.

WealthTrace financial planning software on a mobile phone


See results change in real time as you change your assumptions. Get instant feedback on changing savings rates, retirement dates, expenses and many other inputs. Your clients can use their mobile devices to get a quick view of their retirement situation.

what-if planning scenarios

Powerful Scenarios

View multiple before and after results and quickly piece together the solution to overcome any hurdles that might stand in the way of your retirement goals. Find out what happens to a plan if we have another "great recession". Dial up inflation, dial down Social Security to stress-test plans. Easily run scenarios using multiple asset allocation ideas. 

client portal

Involve Your Clients

Clients can log into their plans using our client portal, which has a view created just for clients, without all of the complexities that advisors need. Clients can view their plans on their mobile devices for easy access. Clients and prospects can use our online fact finder to easily fill out plan information. Plans can be auto-created from our fact finder so the client or prospect does the work for you.

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