WealthTrace Retirement & Financial Planning Software

Financial Planning & Retirement Planning Made Easy

With the WealthTrace application you can:

  • Easily get started without hours of training.
  • Figure out how much money there will be in retirement.
  • Find out when funds will run out in retirement.
  • Use Monte Carlo analysis to determine the probability of meeting all spending goals.
  • Watch results change on the screen in real time.
  • Use goals-based planning to create your plan.
  • Generate ideas and solutions to make retirement goals possible.
  • Understand how much can be spent in the retirement years.
  • Analyze life insurance and long-term care insurance needs.
  • Generate a retirement plan quickly, easily, and accurately.
  • No need to download software. Everything is web-based and online.
  • Works on all browsers on PCs, Macs, tablets (including iPads) and smart phones.
  • Access expert support from a CFA® and Registered Investment Advisor.
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“WealthTrace is the best we've seen...the best thing that has happened to our practice in years. ”

-Dion Collins, CFP
Collins Advisory

“Amazingly easy to use. I love this product.”

-Review on

“Powerful and accurate...”

“...create elaborate assumptions not permitted by popular professional retirement planning applications that cost more.”

“...done accurately, intuitively, and comprehensively.”      More

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How Are We Different?

 Plan Your Retirement

No other financial planning application or calculator offers the unique combination of ease of use, accurate results, and powerful scenarios. There are two versions of the WealthTrace Retirement Planner: One for advisors and one for individuals who want to create their own plan. 

The advisor version has more functionality and settings, while the individual version was designed with ease of use in mind while maintaining accuracy.

In just minutes you can get an overview of when funds will likely run out in retirement and what the total shortfall will be. Then using our scenario capabilities you can easily compare before and after simulations and run multiple scenarios at one time. This will generate ideas and solutions in order to make retirement goals a possibility.

Use powerful, yet easy to use Monte Carlo analysis to determine the probability of funds never running out in retirement. See the probability of meeting all retirement goals for every what-if scenario you run. These results are easy to see on the screen and are not buried in pages of reports.


For Advisors

Financial Adviser

  • Get started immediately with the easiest to use, most intuitive retirement planning application in the industry.
  • Client-interactive approach will make your clients part of the process and leave them much more confident in their plan.
  • Show your clients, don't tell them, how they can reach their retirement goals.
  • On-screen answers and scenario results, not buried in pages of reports, will show your clients immediately what can happen when variables change over time.
  • Assign your own probabilities to scenarios and show clients probability-weighted results.
  • Run Monte Carlo analysis and have full control of total return inputs, standard deviations, and correlations used.
  • Use our unique Asset Allocation Scenarios feature to create your own allocation strategies and scenarios. Show clients how you can create a more secure retirement plan for them by changing their allocation mix.
  • More client interactivity means less frustrated, happier clients.
  • Quit using unrealistic, static assumptions: Vector inflation rates and total returns to any number you wish in any year.
  • Use goals-based planning. Let the software show you and your clients with easy to understand graphs and outputs how the plan changes as spending on goals changes.
  • Create your own model portfolios and easily reallocate client investments to the model you choose.
  • Use our unique Solving Tool to quickly figure out multiple ways clients can achieve a goal.
  • Import client information from multiple third parties that we have integrated with.
  • Give your clients online access to their plan using our client portal. You choose the level of access they have.

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    For Individuals

    Retirement Planning for Individuals

    • The most accurate and flexible retirement planning application ever built for the individual consumer, yet incredibly easy to use. 
    • You will get a comprehensive picture of your retirement situation both on the screen and in an easy to understand, professional report.
    • Run what-if scenarios to see what you can do to change when you can retire and when your money runs out in retirement.
    • Calculate the probability of never running out of money in retirement with our powerful monte carlo analysis.
    • Model the rental income and sale price from real estate investments. You control the tax rate paid as well as the growth rate of income and the sale price.
    • Use our budgeting worksheet to determine expected recurring expenses in retirement. Model up to three different budgets.
    • Easily change assumptions, such as social security, expected returns, income, and inflation to see how this impacts your plan.
    • Use our unique Solving Tool to quickly figure out multiple ways you can achieve a goal.
    • Get started immediately and have results in minutes.
    • Build your retirement plan on your Ipad, Kindle, or smart phone. Works on all browsers on PCs, Macintosh, and mobile devices.
    • Create and save multiple separate plans allowing you to save a variety of scenarios and potential outcomes.
    • Have a CFA® and financial advisor help guide you through your plan online. You will also receive financial and investment advice. Click here for more information on this option.
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