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  • How To Retire At 55 With $1 Million

    by Doug Carey | Jul 06, 2017
    People approach retirement planning in a number of ways. Sometimes a retirement plan starts with a single, high-level goal. "I want to retire with $1 million," for example, or (and this is a better way of thinking about it), "I want to retire with enough money invested that will generate $75,000 a year."
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  • How Much Should I Have In My 401(k)?

    by Doug Carey | Jun 20, 2017
    How much money should you have in your 401(k)? It's a tough question.
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  • Investment Management Software For The New Era

    by Doug Carey | May 26, 2017
    Times are good for the budget conscious and for those who like to track their investments' every move. There are tons of options--many of them free, many of them mobile-friendly--available for keeping tabs on your inflows, your outflows, and your investments. It really never has been easier to keep track of saving and spending.
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  • The Most Accurate Roth Conversion Calculator You’ll Find

    by Doug Carey | Apr 18, 2017
    Does it make sense to convert your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA? If so, when, and over what period of time?
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  • The Effects Of Inflation On Your Investments Are Worse Than You Think

    by Doug Carey | Apr 05, 2017
    Most of us know that inflation means prices are generally rising and most of us take it as a given that inflation will occur pretty much every year. But what many don’t know is how big of an impact inflation can have on one’s retirement plan.
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