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  • Living Off Of Dividends In Retirement

    by Doug Carey | Feb 01, 2017
    One definition of a worry-free retirement is not having to worry about where the money is coming from. As I have written before, "You are truly retired (or able to retire) when your passive income covers your expenses."
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  • Retire Using Real Estate: Generating Passive Income In Retirement

    by Doug Carey | Dec 26, 2016
    For the more adventurous, real estate income is another way. Investing in rental property can be a compelling option for those who have the time, the handyman abilities, and the willingness to find and work with tenants.
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  • Retirement Income Strategies For Today's World

    by Doug Carey | Dec 12, 2016
    If you're retired, or close to it, you probably know the story. Income--especially guaranteed income--is hard to come by these days. 10-year treasuries yielded 2.3% at the end of November of this year. Ten years ago, that number was nearly double, at 4.5%; 20 years ago, it was 6.1%.
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  • The Best Retirement Planning Strategies

    by Doug Carey | Nov 25, 2016
    A solid plan for any project, not just retirement, needs strategies to make it happen. Here are some essential building blocks for a retirement plan.
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  • How To Plan Your Retirement Goals

    by Doug Carey | Nov 10, 2016
    To get retirement right, you'll have to move beyond the dream stage. This means thinking about what will really be important and meaningful to you in retirement--and what it will cost.
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