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  • Can I Retire At 60?

    by Doug Carey | Sep 29, 2016
    If you have ever worked with a contractor, or at least a contractor who is being up front with you, you may have heard something like the following: "You can have the work done cheaply, quickly, and of very high quality--but you can only pick two of these things."
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  • Using A Retirement Planning Worksheet

    by Doug Carey | Sep 09, 2016
    You owe it to yourself--and your retirement--to do better than basing it on a simple spreadsheet. Using planning software such as our WealthTrace financial planner gives you the full picture.
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  • Using A Retirement Budget Planner

    by Doug Carey | Aug 30, 2016
    In planning for retirement, a lot of time and effort and focus is understandably on saving enough money and investing it in the right securities. But a successful retirement plan--especially one that is longer than normal--can depend at least as much on spending.
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  • Preparing For Retirement While In Your 40s

    by Doug Carey | Aug 18, 2016
    The rules for planning for retirement are largely still the same rules once you get to your 40s. If you have been diligently saving and investing in 401(k)s and IRAs thus far, don't stop now.
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  • How Long Will 2 Million Dollars Last In Retirement?

    by Doug Carey | Jun 30, 2016
    Having a $2 million nest egg (or war chest, depending on how you think about what you'll be doing in retirement) gives you a lot of flexibility heading into retirement.
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