Sample Financial Plan Screenshots

WealthTrace’s settings provide flexibility and accuracy.
Link your accounts or enter them manually.
Create your retirement budget.
WealthTrace handles every investment account type.
Add any other sources of income such as the sale of a business, a part-time job, inheritance, etc.
List all of your retirement goals in order of importance. The program will show you which goals can be funded.
Use our sliders to change the most important assumptions and watch results change in real time.
View the most important plan results in one location.
Run pre-defined what-if scenarios on your retirement age, expenses, delaying social security, and many others..
Run scenarios where you change your asset allocation. Quickly see how a new asset allocation impacts your plan and probability of success..
View all of the data behind the calculations.
Easily see if retirement income will cover expenses in any year.
Our cashflow distributions report breaks down retirement sources of income and outflows in every year.
Monte Carlo analysis shows you the probability of never running out of money.
Use our powerful solver to find solutions to retirement hurdles.
Generate a net worth statement.
View assets, liabilities, and net worth through time.
Run life insurance needs analysis.
Run life insurance needs analysis.
Customize your own report templates.
View a breakdown of the portfolio asset allocation.
View how funds are spent in every year.
View investment balances over time.
Analyze how expenses are funded in every year.
Find out if retirement income can cover expenses.
View historical information for all of your accounts in one location.
See all sources of income over time for your investment accounts.
Run accurate Roth IRA conversion scenarios to find out if a Roth conversion makes sense for you.
Generate a customized pdf report.
Advisors can have their clients and prospects use the online fact finder. Financial plans can be started for you with the information they enter.