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“...sophisticated because it allows an advisor to build what-ifs using different year-by-year rates of return and inflation.


For example, you can create elaborate assumptions not permitted by popular professional retirement planning applications that cost more. You can create multi-period plans that assume one economic scenario for five years, another scenario the next five years and another scenario the next 10 years.


A wealth manager can thus model a long-term picture and overlay his or her view of the economy and markets on a plan. It’s the kind of work professionals do because it helps them as well as their clients understand and plan thoughtfully for scenarios an advisor believes are most likely to occur.”


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“Their calculator will tell you, based on your assumptions, when money will run out in retirement, what the shortfall will be, and what you can do to change the situation. All of this is done accurately, intuitively, and comprehensively.”

-Review on myretirementblog.com

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“I find the WealthTrace Retirement Planner to be very easy to use, the data input is very logical and the resulting color graphical outputs and tables extremely useful. The ability to run different "what if" scenarios makes the program highly versatile. 

All of my product support inquiries have been dealt with expeditiously. I am very satisfied with WealthTrace and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone interested in a personal financial program. ”

-Angel Cruz
User of Individual Version

“I have found the WealthTrace program to be extremely easy to use, powerful and easily understood by clients.  It is very simple to update information in the future and so convenient that you can do it from your smart phone or tablet while you are meeting with a client.  I would definitely recommend this program to others.

-Bryan Burkhart, AIF ®, CBC
Burkhart Investment Group


“It was very easy to set up my plan and within a few minutes I was able to stress test various retirement scenarios to understand my retirement risks. I am very happy with WealthTrace.”

-Tom Mack
User of Individual Version

“I have been searching for quite some time for a software program to assist in retirement planning. I worked with Fidelity's, Mint's, and Quicken's retirement planners and I felt they oversimplified things a bit too much. Mint and Quicken also seem to deal more with paying bills and monthly budgeting which I did not need. True to its advertising, it's simple but yet detailed enough to cover a variety of situations and easily allows you to do scenario planning. I also like that the software can do Monte Carlo simulation. Check out the videos! - they sold me on the software.

I was a bit worried about paying $239 for an online software program that I found the internet, and knew nothing about except what I read on the internet, but I am now glad I took the leap. Excellent Choice! ”

-Wealthy&Wise (Amazon.com reviewer)
User of Individual Version

“Individuals looking to create their own retirement plan can save thousands of dollars by using the WealthTrace retirement planner.”


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