The Best Financial Planning Software Programs

Like some of the advisor-focused programs on the market, WealthTrace also allows you to run scenarios on things like market downturns, life insurance needs and retirement income. And if you have questions, you can connect with a WealthTrace expert by phone, email or live chat to get help.

Great Retirement Planning Tools and Software

This planning software is easy to use and lets you see a detailed view of your financial and retirement situation. After you import and link accounts, the software will automatically update every day, so your balances will remain current

Understanding Financial Planning

For help that is more comprehensive yet still mostly do-it-yourself, there are several financial planning software tools designed for individuals, including WealthTrace.

What is Good Debt?

What many of my customers at WealthTrace have done is take out a large mortgage, buy real estate, rent it out and make 10% per year. If their mortgage is 3%, then they are netting (before taxes) 7% per year on this debt.


Social Security Making No Promises After 2035

“Some believe that all Social Security benefits must automatically decline at this date and that there is no solution to the problem,” said Doug Carey, a chartered financial analyst and president of WealthTrace, a financial planning software company. “But that isn’t true. Congress can still shore up the fund by raising taxes or increasing the age when benefits begin. Although it is likely nothing we will be done in the short-term, they will have to address this as 2034 gets nearer.”

The Best Financial Planning Software Programs

What WealthTrace offers in exchange for these prices is the ability to budget your money and set specific savings goals. You can plan for both retirement and college savings, as well as attain some insight into how to minimize your tax liabilities.

WealthTrace Retirement Planning Review

I was shocked at the level of detail that you can add and the reports that you get back. If you’ve used a retirement planner like Personal Capital it is like comparing Little League to an MLB All-Star. If you are looking to take control of your retirement, check out WealthTrace.

7 Ways to Cope with Financial Anxiety

"I believe the fear of running out of money when people are older and retired is the main source of financial anxiety," says Doug Carey, CFA, owner of WealthTrace, a retirement and financial planning software company.

How Inflation Is Affecting Americans’ Ability to Save

“If a couple makes $100,000 after taxes and spends $80,000, they can save $20,000 to their 401(k) plans,” Doug Carey, owner of Wealth Trace, which provides retirement and financial software for consumers, told The Epoch Times. “If their spending increases to $90,000 due to inflation and their salaries don’t move, they can now only save $10,000 to their 401(k) plans.”

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