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  • Retirement Income Planning With Altria Group

    by Doug Carey | Jul 14, 2014
    Most investors know by now that income planning in today's low interest rate world has become exceedingly difficult.
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  • How To Retire On Less Than $1 Million

    by Doug Carey | Jun 11, 2014
    I spend a lot of time helping people understand how much money they will need to meet their retirement goals. Many of these people believe that they must have at least $1 million saved in order to retire and never worry about running out of money. Today I want to show that many people do not necessarily need $1 million or more to retire comfortably. I will show an example couple who is very concerned that they won't have enough money saved. They also fear that interest rates will remain low and they don't want to just put everything into equity funds.
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  • Can Altria Save Retirement Portfolios?

    by Doug Carey | May 14, 2014
    It is not easy these days to find companies that pay a dividend yield of nearly 5%, have never cut their dividend in over 40 years, and who continue to increase the dividend at a nearly 10% rate. But there is one such company out there. Altria (MO), parent company of Phillip Morris, continues to pay out its steady dividend, even during recessions, making it a wonderful addition to retirement portfolios.
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  • Who Can Retire By Age 60?

    by Doug Carey | Apr 08, 2014
    Some people are fortunate enough to think about retiring when they hit age 60, or even before then. But the truth of the matter is, most people have no idea when they can retire comfortably.
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  • Income Planning With Johnson & Johnson

    by Doug Carey | Mar 05, 2014
    For many investors approaching retirement income planning for retirement has become extremely difficult, if not downright impossible. So many people had hoped to live off of income generated by relatively safe treasury bonds and high quality corporate bonds, but that strategy is out the window for most given where interest rates are today.
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