Are You Trusting Your Retirement To Free Calculators?

Why trust something as important as your retirement plan to free, inaccurate calculators that can set you on an irreversible and dangerous course? We have created an easy to use and accurate solution. Quickly and accurately find out what you need to do in order to meet your retirement goals so you can rest comfortably and stop stressing about your retirement years.

free retirement calculators vs. WealthTrace

An average financial plan costs nearly $2,400 (Source: Save your money by creating a plan yourself with WealthTrace.

Feature Free Calculators WealthTrace
Calculates if and when retirement funds will run out
Uses updated federal tax laws
Imports and links investment accounts
Updates investment holdings and balances daily
Calculates probability of plan success via Monte Carlo analysis
Accounts for required minimum distributions
Handles complex Social Security rules and taxes
Handles all investment types
Models transfers to Roth IRAs
Runs what-if scenarios to show what happens when multiple assumptions change                
Provides support from qualified financial experts
Allows for income planning and insurance planning
Simulates real estate income and sales accurately
Allows for creating and saving multiple plans
Includes solving tool that finds exact changes needed to meet a goal
Offers one-on-one customized help and advice from an expert planner