How WealthTrace Started

A Financial Advisor is Fed Up!

A Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®), former portfolio manager and financial software developer, Doug Carey decided to try his hand at investment management and financial planning. Little did he know how few solutions there were out there for retirement planning that were analytically powerful, but also easy to use. Days upon days of researching various retirement planning applications led to the same problems. They were difficult to navigate, non-interactive with clients, had limited scenario capabilities, and printed out 50 to 150 page reports with all of the useful information buried inside.

It was so difficult to get at the information clients were most interested in, namely, when will they run out of money, how much will the shortfall be each year, and the probability of their plan succeeding. He had had enough and sat down with a team of software engineers to create the WealthTrace Retirement Planner. The overriding goal was to make it so easy to use that both financial advisors and individuals who want to create their own retirement planning could use it. At the same time there was the intent of giving users the ability to find solutions to their retirement hurdles by giving them intuitive, powerful, on-screen before and after scenarios that help guide them towards their goals. 

The Mission Of Our Consumer-Based Version

You Should be Looking Forward to Retirement, Not Afraid of It

According to a study by Fidelity Investments, only 13 percent of people approaching retirement feel that they will have enough savings to carry them through their retirement years. Less than half of all those above the age of 30 have even attempted to calculate how much money they will need in retirement. Some feel that there is simply no way they can accumulate enough money to live comfortably after they stop working. But we at WealthTrace believe many people are way too pessimistic. They have been scared into thinking that retiring comfortably is a dream that is long gone.

With the WealthTrace Retirement Planner, either on their own or with a financial advisor, people can now turn this line of thinking on its head. By knowing how much you will have at various ages, if or when funds will run out, how much the shortfalls will be each year, and the probability of never running out of money, nearly anybody can figure out what they need to do today to get to their retirement goals. People are shocked at what a difference it makes if they simply just save 5% more each year. They can't believe how much longer it takes their money to run out if they simply cut expenses in retirement by 10%. And by simply adjusting the age of retirement by two or three years, some are amazed at what a difference this makes for their situation.

Using our retirement planner it is incredibly easy to dial up and down variables such as these to see what you can do today to change your retirement situation. We want people to rest easier at night. There is no need for so many to be so stressed out about their retirement years. We should all be looking forward to relaxing after our work years are over. With the help of the WealthTrace Retirement Planner, many can do just that.

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