Maximize Social Security Benefits Calculator

Scenario 1
Scenario 2
Start Age
Reinvestment Rate (%)
Current Age
First Social Security Payment
Gross Income
Scenario 1 will give you $775,845 in accumulated benefits through age 90, while scenario 2 will give you $808,102. The age at which these two scenarios will break even is 83.

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Social Security Calculator


Start Age:

Age when you will receive your first social security payment.

Reinvestment Rate:

The annual rate of return at which social security payments are invested.

Current Age:

Your current age.

Estimate Social Security From Income:

If checked, the program will estimate your payments using your income and the Social Security Administration benefits algorithm.

First Social Security Payment:

The amount of your first payment.

Gross Income:

Your current gross income. This is only used if the program estimates your social security payments.

*All dollar figures are in today's dollars and are not adjusted for inflation going forward.