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An Easy Retirement Savings Calculator

Do you know how much you need to save in order to retire comfortably? Our free calculator below can help you get your arms around this number.

Am I Saving Enough?

This is a question so many of us have, but never really get a good answer. A follow-up question to this one should be "Which accounts should I be saving to?" Many people do not max out their 401(k) or IRA contributions and this hurts them more than they realize.

If you want to retire early, you most definitely need to know how much to save now. We have written about how to retire early in a previous article.

Using Our Free Retirement Savings Calculator

You can use our free retirement savings calculator, which is seen below. Please keep in mind that this only gives a quick estimate. In order to accurately assess your entire financial and retirement situation, you should use a free trial of the WealthTrace Retirement Planner. Our planner will help you figure out exactly how much you need to save each year, and to which accounts, in order to retire comfortably.

Are you saving enough for retirement? The WealthTrace Financial & Retirement Planner can help you find out. Start a 14-day free trial now.

Do you want free tips on how to retire early? How about retiring stress-free? Learn how to make sure you do not outlive your money by signing up for our free articles.