Benefits From Contributing To A 401(k) Calculator

Current Gross Income
Annual Salary Increase (%)
Years Until Retirement
Current 401k Contribution (% of Gross Income)
Current 401k Balance
Annual Return (%)
Company Match (%)
Maximum Company Match (%)
Your ending 401k balance will be $363,901 in 20 years with total contributions of $96,868. The total amount your company will match is $48,434.
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Current Gross Income:

Current annual income before taxes.

Annual Salary Increase (%):

Expected annual increase in salary.

Years Until Retirement:

Number of years until you expect to retire.

Current 401k Contribution (% of Gross Income):

Your current contributions to your 401k plan as a % of your gross income.

Current 401k Balance:

The current balance in your 401k plan.

Annual Return (%):

The expected annual return on your 401k plan.

Company Match (%):

Company Match (%): The percent match from your employer. For example, if you contribute $5,000 a year to your 401k and your company matches 50%, they will add $2,500 to your plan each year.

Maximum Match (%):

This is the maximum percent of your salary that your employer will match. For example, if the maximum match is 5% this means the employer will stop matching after the first 5% of your salary. So if your income is $100,000, and the company match is 50%, your company will stop matching after it has added $2,500 to your 401k.