The WealthTrace Retirement Planner

The WealthTrace retirement planner is a fully hosted, online retirement planning solution. Our software will tell you, based on your assumptions, when your clients' money will run out in retirement, what the shortfall will be, and what you can do to change the situation. All of this is done accurately, intuitively, and comprehensively.

For financial advisors, too many applications require hours of training, are not intuitive to use, and force the clients to sift through up to 150 pages of information to get to their answers. With our interactive and easy to use interface, the days of searching through pages of reports to find your answers are over.

WealthTrace has taken a different approach to retirement planning software:

With the typical planning software you get:

  • 50 to 150 page reports

  • Nonintuitive, difficult to navigate interface

  • A tedious, confusing questionnaire format

  • Countless hours figuring out how to use it

  • Digging through reports to find out when money runs out in retirement

  • Either no ability to run scenarios or nonintuitive scenarios that are limited to the software’s ideas

  • Cannot easily see “before and after” scenarios without recreating the entire plan

  • No simple way to create your own asset classes

  • No way to show impact that various asset allocation strategies might have on their retirement plan

  • A “black-box” approach where many inputs and outputs are never displayed

  • A completely non-interactive experience. Information is dumped onto the clients in the form of wordy, difficult to comprehend reports.

  • No ability to vector returns or inflation

  • No ability to view all results in inflation-adjusted dollars

  • Incorrect handling of assets and income if one partner passes away before the other

  • Forces the plan to withdraw funds using a weighted average or pro-rata approach

  • Desktop-based software with none of the useful features that web-based software has

  • No ability to choose which items show up in the final report

With WealthTrace you get:

  • A professional report that you can customize. You determine which pages are displayed.

  • A simple, clean, intuitive interface that is easy to use

  • Ability to make quick changes with easy navigation

  • A quick start. Our intuitive interface allows you to jump right in.

  • Immediate answers on the screen, not buried in reports

  • Flexible scenario capabilities. Easily view before and after results to find the right solution for your clients and assign probabilities to scenarios.

  • An on-screen, easy to find answer as to how the most important variables affect the plan

  • Easily create your own asset classes with your own assumptions

  • Asset Allocation Scenarios: Show clients how a variety of allocation strategies will impact their plan

  • Easily view assumptions, inputs, and all outputs used by the application

  • An application that is interactive and easy to use. On-screen graphs show the retirement picture vividly.

  • Ability to vector returns and inflation such that they change every year

  • Ability to view all outputs and graphs in inflation adjusted dollars

  • Ability to determine when each partner's plan ends and how much expenses are reduced when one partner is left

  • You can choose to withdraw funds in a pro-rata fashion or you can specify the order of withdrawal for investments. Create bucket strategies by withdrawing from various buckets first.

  • Web-based software that works on any device. Quickly show prospects how you can help them with their retirement using your mobile device. Show them how they can view their own plan online using the client portal.

  • Create custom reports and an unlimited number of report templates. Add your own disclosure statement.

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